Everything you need to look after your family. All in one place and ready to hand

FamilyFile is a must have app for busy moms and dads, people looking after older parents, couples looking out for each other


Apple iPhone 5 and up



Looking after your family has never been easier

Looking after a family is a pleasure, but it can also be a challenge. It can take a lot of physical and emotional energy just to keep tabs on who needs what and when.

For example, do you keep getting asked for the same information over and over by medical staff or carers? Similarly, wouldn’t it be handy to share who to turn to in a crisis with the babysitter? Or with Dad’s carer? Oh, and when when did Emma have her last tetanus shot?

FamilyFile gives you everything you want and need to know about any family member available at the tap of a finger and is with you wherever you are.

How does FamilyFile make your life easier?

  • Instant access to the information you need
  • With you wherever you are
  • Records for each family member
  • Reminders of important events
  • Share essential information with others
  • Review past pleasures
  • Plan for the future
  • Achieve peace of mind